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I'm a White Man, too, Frank Bruni. And No, You Shouldn't Continue.

In an impressively ill-timed opinion column in the Sunday New York Times today, Frank Bruni posted a perfect example of how not to respond to our current cultural divide over race and its related identities, privileges, and power dynamics. I say ill-timed given yesterday's horrific clashes and murder in Charlottesville at a rally for racist white supremacists.

Interestingly, the print title of Bruni's piece is "I'm a White Man. Can I Continue?" The title online as of Sunday afternoon reads instead, "I'm a White Man. Hear Me Out." Was the phrasing of the title as an interrogative seen as too snarkily rhetorical? (I would say yes.) Is "hear me out" a softer way of approaching the same topic. (I would say probably.)

Bruni certainly begins with a heavy marinade of sarcasm:
I'm a white man, so you should listen to absolutely nothing I say, at least on matters of social justice. I have no standing. No way to relate. My color and gender null…

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