Couldn't have said it better myself.

In lieu of babbling on myself this week, I'll take the liberty of pointing you in two directions, courtesy of Christian Bok and Lemon Hound.

The first is a blog from Sina Queyras (Lemon Hound herself) on Harriet, the Poetry Foundation's official blog. Check it out here. She interviews poet Margaret Christakos about some of the concerns and practices of contemporary poetics, from lyricism to Flarf and everything in between.

The second is a blog (Irascible Poet) tweeted about by Christian Bok, who gets slammed a bit here...which is sort of why I like it. The writer responds to the Harriet blog and to the discussion. He poses many of the same questions I've been concerned with. Mad respect. Check him out here.

Happy spring, my pretties!


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